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To give the best conditions for our seed production, Bakker Seed Productions has very modern facilities. The greenhouses are sufficiently high and include windows which allow lots of light to pass through. In addition, all the greenhouses are equipped with screens to save energy and sometimes block sunlight.
At Bakker Seed Productions we are able to extract the seeds from the fruits. Since 2016 we have our own extraction, disinfection and drying area to properly treat the seeds before they are transported to our clients.

The greenhouse consists of six compartments in which the climate, fertilization, and irrigation can be individually controlled. This makes us very flexible. We can easily switch between tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers.


All the irrigation water used in the greenhouse is disinfected with a Vialux HDUV disinfector. Both the recirculation water and rainwater is disinfected before it goes into the greenhouse.


In order to produce CO2, we make use of a gas purifier, which is installed together with the combined heat-and-power unit. This purifier makes the exhaust fumes of the combined heat-and-power unit suitable for dosing in the greenhouse.


The various number of crops each year have their own needs when it comes to fertilization. In order to provide each crop of the desired fertilization recipe, we’ve chosen for a Nutronic installation of home provider Priva. This installation makes any recipe we set in the process computer. This way, each plant gets the right nutrition in the right proportions.


To obtain a good insight in the labor needed we make use of Priva’s workplace automation. Each employee registers what and where he/she had done a job. Afterward, we are able to analyze the time needed for each square meter and evaluate the performance of each employee. The system is also used for tracking and tracing in our processes.