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GSPP Certificate

Since 2010 we are GSPP certified. GSPP stands for Good Seed and Plant Practices and is a new international transparent business chain system for hygiene in the production of seeds and propagation of new seedlings. GSPP ensures that the production site’s quality management system, work methods, and information supply comply with the GSPP standard. Companies and their production sites are checked periodically. Verification by audit organizations ensures availability of healthy seeds and plants as well as reliable quality information per production site, per entity or per lot/batch.

To meet the GSPP standards we’ve invested in a new entry, separate area for receiving and delivering goods- and product flows, separate entry for the employees, changing room, company clothing and various other things. The existing quality system has been updated and now meets the GSPP standards. As a result, we are now working with an online quality management system.
After we successfully completed the internal audit in 2010, which was the last check for ourselves, we also passed the audit of the Naktuinbouw on the 12th of October 2010. Only four small minors remained at the end of the day. After a positive advice from the Naktuinbouw to the GSPP foundation, we are an officially GSPP certified company since 2010.
We are very proud of the accreditation and see this as a recognition for the work we have done all those years. Our mission, to produce hybrid seeds which contain the highest possible level of health and quality, is confirmed by this accreditation.